Blue Mondays: The Long Goodbye of the Montreal Expos
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This straightforward, entertaining, sometimes nostalgic, and sometimes sad account of the Montreal Expos in their final season and of the events leading up to their departure is also a pocket history of the 33-year run of the franchise in Canada. … Read More

Life Is a Hit; Don’t Strike Out
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Al Oliver is a former Major League Baseball player. Over the course of his eighteen year career, he has been blessed to be able to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1968-77), Texas Rangers (1978-81), Montreal Expos (1982-83), San Francisco Giants … Read More

The Expos in Their Prime: The Short-Lived Glory of Montreal’s Team, 1977-1984
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In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Montreal Expos provided their fans with spectacular play produced by spectacular players. The team was able to reach the pinnacle of its lifetime popularity during that period. They were in fact even … Read More

Blue Jays 1, Expos 0: The Urban Rivalry That Killed Major League Baseball in Montreal
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The 2001-2002 offseason was a tumultuous one for Major League Baseball. The commissioner’s move to contract two teams, voted on and approved by league owners in a 28-2 vote, left fans in several cities fearing for the future of their … Read More

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