Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards
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The Ace of the Staff for identification, photos and vintage baseball card values! Toe the rubber and grab the No. 1 source in the market regarding vintage baseball cards: The Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards, 5th Edition. The Standard … Read More

The Card: Collectors, Con Men, and the True Story of History’s Most Desired Baseball Card
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From the Publisher:  Only a few dozen T206 Wagners are known to still exist, having been released in limited numbers just after the turn of the twentieth century. Most, with their creases and stains, look like they’ve been around for … Read More

The Bubble Gum Card War: The Great Bowman and Topps Sets from 1948 to 1955 (Dean Hanley)
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From the Publisher: In 1951, Bowman’s short-lived baseball card monopoly was broken by Topps and the great Baseball Gum Card War was in full swing. Consumers almost always benefit from competition in the marketplace and the card collectors were no … Read More

Before there was Bubble Gum: Our Favorite Pre-World War I Baseball Cards
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From the Publisher:  Before There Was Bubble Gum: Our Favorite Pre-World War I Cards chronicles the history of baseball cards from the latter part of the 19th century up until WWI. Prior to the popularity of “bubble gum cards,” which … Read More

Got ‘Em, Got ‘Em, Need ‘Em: A Fan’s Guide to Collecting the Top 100 Sports Cards of All Time
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Days gone by are relived with some of the trading card industry’s most well-known experts in this nostalgic look back at one of the most popular hobbies in history. Covering baseball, basketball, football, hockey, boxing, and golf, this unique book … Read More

Mint Condition: How Baseball Cards Became an American Obsession
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From the Publisher: When award-winning journalist Dave Jamieson’s parents sold his childhood home a few years ago, he rediscovered a prized boyhood possession: his baseball card collection. Now was the time to cash in on the “investments” of his youth. … Read More

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