Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards

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The Ace of the Staff for identification, photos and vintage baseball card values!

Toe the rubber and grab the No. 1 source in the market regarding vintage baseball cards: The Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards, 5th Edition. The Standard Catalog has been the leading source for information on baseball card sets produced from 1863-1980 for 25 years.

The Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards is the top reference book used by baseball fans, collectors, dealers, auction houses and third-party authenticators and grading companies. The book lists thousands of sets, complete with set descriptions, checklists, photos and values, resulting in hundreds of thousands of listings and prices.

Take a look inside the Standard Catalog and find the following:

  • Vintage sets listed alphabetically and by year, with a corresponding index for easy-to-find research
  • Values for three condition grades–Very Good, Excellent & Near Mint–for all cards
  • Updated checklists and variations for cards dating back 150 years
  • Information on tobacco, bubble gum, regional, specialty issue and promotional baseball cards, along with vintage Minor League baseball cards

Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards

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